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Dallas expands the rules for payday loans in order to solve a need that is not addressed

The year of 2011 The City of Dallas regulated payday auto title lenders as well as auto lending by requiring to to be registered in the City, and in addition, to provide loans in a manner that makes repayment simpler. This was triggered by the increase in banks offering cheap, short-term, low-cost loans at an […]

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New Japanese restaurant in Healdsburg, one of the best choices for sushi

Any sushi experience can be summed up by a simple equation: the seasoning of the rice and the quality of the fish, divided by the proximity to the sushi chef, equals delicious. Works every time, provided you’re not a real mathematician. High quality fresh fish and skillful and careful rice making are essential. But the […]

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Opening of a new Japanese hotel, The Royal Park Canvas-Kobe Sannomiya

The new venture of Royal Park Hotels and Resorts Company, Ltd. aims to connect travelers and locals alike in Kobe, a bustling city with sets of unique little shops and restaurants. Following recent launches in Osaka and Kyoto, The Royal Park Canvas – Kobe Sannomiya is the group’s first hotel in Hyogo Prefecture, further strengthening […]

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Japanese restaurant Salvaje opens on Hyde Miami rooftop

Sunsets are going to be a thing at the new Salvaje Restaurant. The Japanese fusion restaurant Salvaje is known worldwide, in Spanish cities like Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid, as well as in Panama and Colombia. Now Salvaje is opening its first US location in Miami at the end of the month. The restaurant, led by […]

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New Japanese restaurant Zoku opens in Hari Hong Kong

The city is abuzz with genuine excitement at the recent opening of Hong Kong’s newest hotel, The Hari. It seems like nothing can stop the hospitality here, not even social distancing restrictions, and Hong Kongers are more than happy to welcome it with open and empty arms. Following the launch of their first-floor Italian restaurant […]

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Seattle Japanese Restaurant Day Festival Kicks Off Jan. 11

SEATTLE, January 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Japanese Restaurant Day Begins in Seattle to January 11, 2021 and continues on February 11 and March 11. The celebration of Japanese cuisine will take place in at least ten Seattle restaurants to promote Japanese cuisine and all its unique and delicious ingredients. The Festival will introduce gourmets to […]