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Cheap Japanese apartment for under $ 140 a month comes with everyday headaches

And sometimes these headaches will be literal.

Japan has a reputation for being one of the most expensive countries on the planet, but accommodation isn’t always as expensive as horror stories would have you believe. The trick is to find an apartment that has an aspect or two that keep it from being perfect, but also things that don’t bother you personally.

For example, I live in a unit on the third floor of a building with no elevator and have an old fashioned Gama Balance water heater. These are two minor drawbacks, but the tradeoff is that my rent is much cheaper than most of the other similarly sized apartments in the area. For an even more extreme example, there is the Twitter user @SWBMZERO, who rent a studio in Japan for only 15,000 yen (US $ 139) per month!

Surprisingly, it’s a short walk (less than 10 minutes) from the nearest train station and has its own private bathroom and shower (the amenities of super cheap apartments in Japan are sometimes lacking). The building itself is a bit old, it was built 30 years ago, but the interior has been recently renovated and even includes an induction cooker. And no, it’s not “incident property,” the euphemism used by Japanese real estate agents for low-rent apartments because someone was murdered there or committed suicide.

So what makes @SWBMZERO’s apartment so cheap? Well, it’s on the ground floor, which is generally considered the least attractive floor for living in Japan. The unit is actually on a semi-basement, with the entrance just steps from the street. Now, normally, that wouldn’t be a sufficient inconvenience to bring your rent down to 15,000 yen, but there is another unusual thing about the apartment as shown in this photo.

Yeah, there is a gigantic pipe running through the center of it. In case you are having trouble measuring its height, click on the photo above for the full size version to show it is about 150 centimeters (about five feet) from the ground, just the right position to hit the face of a medium-sized Japanese or taller person in the throat. And yes he cuts the whole room in half.

â–¼ It is not uncommon for inexpensive Japanese apartments to have visible interior drainage pipes, but they are usually closer to this.

@SWBMZERO says it’s a water drainage pipe, and apparently it has to be there due to the way it connects to the city’s largest water system at street level. Because of this, all of the units on this floor have interiors like this, and yes, he does mention that he hit his head a few times, although he describes the damage inflicted as a dull heartbeat, as opposed to to severe pain, although it does add that the textured contours of the outer layer of the pipe add additional discomfort.

Luckily for @SWBMZERO, this isn’t something he has to put up with full time, since the 15,000 yen apartment is not his primary residence. In fact, he lives elsewhere and started renting the apartment as a place to hang out with friends or to relax when he is in the neighborhood, and now he also uses it to store things he does. cannot tidy up in his main house. He adds that although his very cheap apartment has electricity, water and internet, he didn’t bother to sign a gas service contract.

@SWBMZERO does not indicate exactly where the apartment is located, although he does say that it is “not in a large urban area”. He also says that the units on the upper floors – that is, those without pipes running through them – rent between 30,000 and 40,000 yen per month, which means that his painfully inconvenient interior benefits him financially to the tune of. 15,000 to 25,000 yen per month. Some will say it’s not worth it, but for those who are trying to live as cheaply as possible, they will likely find a way to accommodate, as the Japanese hotel at 150 yen a night is not a residence on time. full viable.

Source: Twitter / @ SWBMZERO Going through Jin
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