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Food Review: Wakuda at Marina Bay Sands

The place There are quite a few new high profile restaurants opening this year in the hospitality scene, such as Osteria Mozza, Nobu and another one I visited recently, wakuda at Marina Bay Sands. The restaurant is located in the lobby of the hotel and is the new concept of 50 Eggs Hospitality Group with world-renowned chef Tetsuya Wakuda, two Michelin stars.

Wakuda’s interior is sleek and contemporary, featuring a lovely bar area with a proud display of spirits and whiskeys. The main dining room is designed for couples or group meals, with the center stage being the open plan kitchen counter where the chefs work.

I love the mini garden just behind the kitchen counter, which adds a Japanese Zen element to the dining room vibe. There are also private rooms if you need to host guests. Besides Singapore, Wakuda is also present in Las Vegas.

The food Wakuda’s cuisine is a mix of traditional and modern Japanese dishes where you can expect to spend around S$100-200 per person.

I started with a series of appetizers like the Bigeye Tuna (S$32) where you get marinated tuna loin on toast with wasabi. Good start to the meal, where the fresh wasabi is quite discreet.

The Yuba (S$38) is easily my favorite dish here. Think fresh bean curd skin from Kyoto mixed with Hokkaido sea urchin and mountain caviar. It is served in a cocktail glass, where the bright colors make it visually appetizing. The Kyoto yuba is amazing, the fresh flavors of the bean curd skin and the combination with the Uni and the caviar is divine.

Another strong entry to the menu, the Canadian lobsters (S$63) is a great showcase of the freshness of the ingredients used at Wakuda. The fresh lobster is simply marinated in citrus fruits and vinegar with sea asparagus and shellfish vinaigrette, giving it a light touch in terms of seasoning and garnish as the fresh lobster flavor itself is the star. That said, I polished every bit of this refreshing shellfish dressing.

For a carb dish, I had the cold soba (S$72) where cold buckwheat noodles are served with Botan prawns, Australian Manjimup truffles and fresh Oscietra caviar. The soba is well hidden under the mountain of black truffles (which I’m not complaining about), and the overall flavor of this dish will please any truffle lover. The truffle taste is not too much in your face, and I recommend mixing everything and having all the ingredients together.

There is also a wide selection of sushi on the menu here. I managed to try three of the sushi items. My favorite of the lot is definitely the Otorō ($38), Supreme Fat Tuna Belly which is rich and beyond tender.

The Nodoguro (S$36), also known as Blackthroat Sea Perch, is another tasty sushi I recommend ordering. For something more accessible, there is also the Aburi Ora King Salmon ($15 Singaporean).

If there is a grilled dish to try, I highly recommend the Carabinieri Shrimps (S$43) – Roasted carabineros with shellfish and miso risotto. I love this risotto which is well soaked in the shrimp juice, which gives it a very moist texture and beautiful flavors. As for the shrimp, it’s not over-grilled so it still retains that fresh flavor.

The other grilled dish I had was the Hokkaido Lake Saroma Wagyu (S$120) with smoked eggplant and seasonal vegetables. Japanese Wagyu beef rarely goes wrong, and this Hokkaido breed is succulent and each serving is around 100g.

I’m not big on desserts, although I would say save space for desserts here. The Japanese muskmelon from Shizuoka (S$28) with Cointreau Granita & Fromage Blanc Sorbet sounds heavy but is surprisingly light and refreshing.

The Green Tea and Azuki Bean Terrine (S$25) with vanilla ice cream, Kuromitsu syrup and matcha lace is my favorite option of the three desserts I tried. You get an intense matcha flavor, well balanced by the red beans and vanilla ice cream.

Finally, the Wakuda House Special (S$13) is basically coconut miso soft serve ice cream. I find it a bit too sweet and my sweetness threshold is pretty low these days.

Getting mad It will certainly be great if Wakuda can be open for lunch soon.

Will I come back? I’d like to think of Wakuda as a more affordable option to sample Chef Tetsuya Wakuda’s cuisine as opposed to Waku Ghin. It’s a laid-back setting where the dishes are usually very competent, and it’s an ideal venue for a romantic evening or a get-together with friends.

This was an invitational tasting, although all opinions expressed are our own.

TheRantingPanda says:
taste bud: 4/5
Hole in the pocket: 4/5
Vibe: 4/5
Overall experience: 4/5

Marina Bay Sands
Lobby, Hotel, Bayfront Ave, Tower 2
Singapore 018972
Tel: +65 6688 8885

Opening hours
Monday to Sunday: 5 p.m. to 12 a.m.

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