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Ghost in the Japanese park, Rohini caught on a picture swinging on a swing? This viral video shot by the police leaves everyone from Delhi to Jhansi in awe!


Jhansi, June 12: A video of outdoor gym equipment has gone viral on social media platforms, leaving some puzzled, amused and some even scared. The clip allegedly shows two sets of outdoor gym equipment in a park swinging on their own with no one sitting on them. The unnatural shoulder press movement has scared internet users and is widely shared on Facebook and WhatsApp.

In the clip, police officers can be seen recording the eerie movement as the gym equipment creeps around with no one sitting on it. The same video was shared by multiple netizens and many claimed it was from various locations from Delhi to Jhansi. Ghost caught on CCTV camera? Video of a wheelchair moving by itself in Chandigarh hospital freaks people out on the internet! (Watch the viral video).

Several people on Youtube claimed it was from Japanese park in Rohini area in Delhi, while others said it was from Kanshiram park in Nandanpura area in Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh. The fact that in the clip this equipment continues to move has stunned many.

Video claiming to be from Japanese park, Rohini:

Video claiming to be from Japanese park, Rohini:

A prominent editor claimed the video was from Kanshiram Park in Nandanpura. After the video went viral on social media, the circle officer went to investigate the case and said it was a prank by someone. According to the main portal, the cops said they were investigating the case.

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