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Google Maps Street View: Mysterious Problem In Japanese Park Scares Reddit Users | Travel News | To travel

Google Maps Street View first hit our screens in 2007 and has given users around the world a street-level overview of destinations around the world. He also has the unexpected ability to uncover some of the world’s most mysterious events.

Many users scour the website trying to find unlikely events that can spark all kinds of conspiracy theories and anecdotes.

One such event was spotted in a park in Japan, offering a hint of the supernatural.

The scene takes place on a large grassy expanse, surrounded by trees and foliage.

There in the foreground appear to be two beings, however, they look slightly less human than you might think.

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What is surprising, however, is that the park surrounding them is teeming with people.

The crowds seem to be seated to enjoy the day, and no one blinks at the spooky sight.

Can’t these ghostly entities be seen by crowds and only visible to Google technology?

The user who discovered the scene described them as “ghosts” and it is not surprising how they came to this conclusion.

In addition, “ghost” observations are not uncommon on the application, due to the poor quality of the camera.

A similar incident happened in a Texas cemetery when a pale being was seen sticking his head out from behind a tree.

Many users wondered if it was a ghost, but it was probably just a small child, located too far from the camera to get a good snapshot of it.

While Google’s issues can be unforeseen, they certainly provide a lot of entertainment.

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