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Mitsui Japanese Restaurant Closes in Downtown Bay Shore

After 15 years of serving sushi in downtown Bay Shore, Mitsui closed its doors for good last Friday.

Mitsui, which translates to “the three wish wells of money, luck and soul,” has become a local favorite on Main Street. The Japanese restaurant served a range of sushi, teriyaki and tempura entrees, dumplings, crispy roast duck, barbecued calamari and calamari.

A spokesperson confirmed to GreaterBayShore that the restaurant was permanently closed after its lease at 1 West Main Street expired.

Mitsui blamed the pandemic and resulting staff shortages that now plague businesses across the United States

“Everything is difficult and the lease is running out, so we just gave up,” the spokesperson said. “Now is not a good time to start over. Hopefully everything will be better. Food is expensive, it is very difficult to find employees.

If things go in the right direction, however, a future Mitsui could be in the cards.

“Maybe in 2022 we will try to get a place,” the spokesperson told GreaterBayShore. “First we’ll think of Bay Shore. I’ve been there for so many years that we love Bay Shore, but right now this year isn’t really a good time to start over with a new place.

Top: Sushi photo from Mitsui’s website.

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