Japanese restaurant

Spending the New Year alone? The Japanese restaurant offers special New Year kosechi meals for one

Osechi bECOMES Kosechi at Kura Sushi. In Japan, part of the traditional New Year’s celebration is to eat oschi, a sumptuous array of gourmet morsels, each with some kind of aspect to suit their name or appearance. Due to its gourmet nature, osechi tends to be difficult to cook yourself and expensive to buy ready-made, […]

Japanese park

Japanese park English dog poop warning doesn’t mince words 【Why is Engrish happening?】

[ad_1] kanji oddity leads to some harsh language in reminder to pet owners. Like many people, since the start of the pandemic, I have spent a lot more time walking around my neighborhood than before. When you feel locked in the house but still trying to avoid the crowds, Japan’s often congested trains and subways […]

Japanese restaurant

7 Japanese Restaurant Chains You Can Wear Right Now

[ad_1] Takoyaki, ramen and gyoza chains are taking over the fashion world with limited edition collaborations. Recently, “Restaurant x Fashion” collaboration articles have exploded in popularity, with a number of major restaurant chains offering exclusive collections with famous clothing brands. Some of the collections have been so popular that they are already sold out, but […]

Japanese restaurant

Japanese restaurant in Yukaku’s former red light district struggles to preserve its history

[ad_1] The historic building was once a brothel, now its ornate interiors are in danger of disappearing. From the early 1600s to the early 1900s, the legal red light districts known as the yukaku flourishes in Japan. Prostitutes and brothels operated legally in these areas, with many establishments displaying their workers to the public through […]

Japanese hotel

The stunningly beautiful Japanese hotel lobby is interactive art that changes with the seasons 【Photos】

[ad_1] The presence of each guest changes the appearance of the hall, making each moment unique and beautiful. Upon entering a the hotel lobby, there are some pretty standard things that you would expect to see. A check-in counter. A few chairs or sofas. Maybe a free coffee machine. What you are probably not considering, […]

Japanese restaurant

Japanese restaurant combines solo shabu shabu dinner with the fun of a sushi train

[ad_1] Proof that eating alone in Japan can be better than dining together. There is nothing sad about a table for one in Japan, where counter seats and solo dining cabins make you feel like you’re eating in a home away from home, where no one expects you to help with the cooking or cleaning […]

Japanese park

Giant Godzilla Statue Part Of Japanese Park Christmas Illumination Celebration 【Photos】

[ad_1] Ho ho ho! Happy kaiju! Japan is really entering a festive season this time of year, setting up all kinds of colorful lights that twinkle on winter nights. While you won’t see too many people with Christmas lights in their homes, you can find beautiful displays in public places such as malls and parks, […]

Japanese apartment

Japanese apartment tenant told “sucks at rap”, asked management to shut up

[ad_1] Diss is owner backed in a Japanese rental label example. There are many reasons why Japanese society values ​​politeness so much, and one of them is that housing is so dense in Japanese cities. With land and at a premium, there’s a good chance you’ll live very close to your neighbors, which makes basic […]

Japanese park

This crazy tower in a Japanese park promises a message from aliens, so we went for a 【Travel】

[ad_1] Will our UFO hunter journalist finally get the answers he’s been looking for the alien encounter he says he had in high school? At the risk of sounding arrogant, we have a pretty impressive collective summary of life experiences here at SoraNews24. Our staff includes travelers from all over the world, former employees of […]