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Take the worry out of Olympic accommodation with a “Japanese hotel on wheels” for rent

If you are planning to visit Tokyo for the 2020 Olympics and have not yet made a reservation for a place to stay, you might have a really nasty surprise in store when you start your search. For example, on the travel rate aggregator website Booking.com, any search for weeklong accommodation in the Tokyo area during the Olympic period will cause a pop-up to appear with the discouraging message : «94% of the accommodation is not available for your dates. on our site. ”(at time of writing). If you’re looking for a Japanese-style ryokan or inn, your chances are even slimmer. According to the Nikkei Asian Review, the city expects a shortage of 14,000 rooms. for 10 million expected visitors.This pushes up hotel prices sometimes up to four times the normal price and three times for Airbnb.

The motorhome solution

A smart solution to the problem is to escape the accommodation crisis all together by renting a motorhome during your trip. The number of foreign tourists hiring motorhomes on their trip to Japan is increasing year by year. And it’s not hard to see why. Not only can you sleep relatively comfortably, but you can also open up a world of possibilities for traveling and exploring Japan. And if you’re worried about parking during the Olympics, there are accessible RV parking areas in Tokyo, some near the Olympic venues (see our map below).

Fortunately, Japan Camping-Car Rental Center has the ideal motorhome for you:

Hokusai’s Specially Designed Thirty-Six Views of Mount Fuji Motorhome

The closest thing to a Japanese hotel room that foreign visitors are likely to find on four wheels, this beautifully designed motorhome by Japan CRC lets you experience Japanese culture and freely explore Japan at the same time. time.

Two famous Japanese landscape prints are displayed on the sides and back of the motorhome. These prints come from “Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji”, made by the Japanese artist ukiyo-e Hokusai at the height of his career. Among them, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” and “Fine Wind, Clear Morning” are two of Hokusai’s greatest works, often described as the artist’s “indisputable masterpieces”.


The Japanese theme continues inside, as the motorhome is decorated with Japanese curtains, Japanese cushions and even tatami mats on the floor.



Capacity: 7

Sleeping capacity: 7

Comes with: Air conditioning, navigation system, ETC device, reversing camera, oil heating, inverter, awning, plumbing system, external socket, sub-battery, refrigerator, gas stove

Options like child car seats, ETC maps, multilingual GPS, WiFi routers, sleeping bags, cooking utensils, tables and chairs, and more. are also available.

Price: For the Olympic period (7/22 to 8/10), the Hokusai motorhome will cost 98,000 yen for the first day and 90,000 yen (excluding tax) for each additional day thereafter. For example, four days will cost 368,000 yen. If that sounds expensive, keep in mind that up to seven people can go up and sleep in it, and it will be cheaper than renting almost any equivalent accommodation in Tokyo for a party of four, let alone seven people, and that’s even before taking into account what you’ll save on public transport.

Rental pitches: Shinagawa Station, Shibuya Station, Ebisu Station, Musashi Kosugi Station, Futako Tamagawa Station, Ryogoku Office, Ichikawa Office, Kanda Jimbocho Office.

For all the details on the Hokusai Motorhome Special Edition and other motorhomes you can choose from for your travel plans during the 2020 Olympics or any other time of the year as well as others rental conditions and requirements, please visit Japan Motorhome Rental Center Home Page.

If you would like to rent during the Olympics period, please note that advance bookings start from October 1 (for bookings of four days or more).

Source: Japan Motorhome Rental Center | © Campingcar Inc.

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