Japanese restaurant

This Japanese restaurant tops off ice cream with “wall plaster”; See the pictures

We have all witnessed a wave of bizarre food combinations in India where people try to bring their creativity into the dishes only to end up in disasters.

A restaurant in Japan has come up with a weird dish that looks like something you don’t want in your food. Located in Tokyo’s Ginza district, a restaurant, Opuses, serves ice cream topped with something that looks like wall plaster.

Yes, you read that right. Photos of the plaster-like ice cream were shared on Twitter and have since gone viral. In the photos, the ice is covered in thin, gray-colored chips that look like wall plaster.

But before you think the chef scraped the plaster off the wall and sprinkled it on the ice cream, let us tell you that it’s made with edible ingredients and is completely safe.

Because of his appearance, the restaurant named him ‘Grey’. The ice cream is made from a mixture of strawberry ice cream and pistachio mousse, while the wall topping is made with egg whites and sugar meringue.

The images of the weird ice cream garnered over 2.2 lakh likes on Twitter, while leaving users baffled by its peculiar appearance. In response to the Tweet, many users shared memes. One said that ice cream loses its layers as it ages.

One user, who had tasted the dish, said she was left puzzled when the waiter brought the dish to her. Another user also ate the ice cream and shared that it was difficult for him to mix it.

Earlier, another weird food combo went viral, also from Japan. A restaurant in Japan also serves a combination of Miso Ramen soup and soft serve ice cream.

The dish was tasted and shared by a food vlogger on Instagram. While some thought it was awesome, others were completely against trying something like this.

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