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UPDATE: Fraudulent Japanese restaurant owner denied bail

UPDATE: Fraudulent Japanese restaurant owner denied bail

The court rejected the Daruma Sushi owner’s request for bail this afternoon after he was arrested by police at Suvarnabhumi airport yesterday. Police say “Metha” caused millions of baht in damage and have countless allegations against him.

The 39-year-old owner of Daruma Sushi – Metha Chalingsook – got into trouble when his business went into liquidation during the Covid-19 pandemic. To combat his mountain of debt, Metha sold countless discounted sushi vouchers before closing all 27 Daruma Sushi restaurants without warning.

After receiving more than 500 complaints from outraged employees and customers, Metha fled to Dubai on June 16. Authorities pressured him to return and he was arrested on arrival at Suvarnabhumi airport yesterday.

The Central Bureau of Investigation arrested Metha on suspicion of fraud and other offenses under Thailand’s computer crime law.


UPDATE: Police Arrest Fraudulent Japanese Restaurant Owner at Suvarnabhumi Airport

Today, Thailand’s Central Investigation Bureau arrested the fraudulent owner of Daruma Sushi, a famous Japanese restaurant chain, at Suvarnabhumi Airport. ‘Metha’ returned to Thailand today after fleeing to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates on June 16 after receiving more than 500 complaints from disgruntled customers and employees.

Police said Metha caused damages equivalent to more than 100 million baht to customers and employees at its 27 Daruma Sushi restaurants.

Metha sold thousands of sushi vouchers for only 199 baht each, instead of 499 baht. The vouchers were scooped up by sushi lovers, but soon enough Metha closed all 27 Daruma Sushi restaurants and fled the country.

Today, Metha has returned to Thailand to confront the chaos he has created. Police were waiting for him and arrested him at Suvarnabhumi airport. The CIB announced the news on its official Facebook page at 2:30 p.m. this afternoon.


ORIGINAL STORY: Japanese restaurant owner goes on a slippery getaway

The owner of a popular Japanese buffet restaurant, Daruma Sushi, made a slippery getaway from Thailand last week, leaving behind a trail of chaos and complaints from more than 500 people. A number of these people had filed fraudulent complaints against the owner with the police and the consumer protection agency.

The owner disappeared a day before closing the 27 Daruma Sushi establishments. Immigration records reveal the owner, whose identity has not been released, left Thailand alone for Dubai at 11pm last Thursday.

The commotion began shortly after the owner announced that electronic vouchers for a salmon buffet were available for just 199 baht. Salmon fanatics jumped at the chance, with some buying over 2,000 e-vouchers and reselling them for a profit.

Hundreds of people who shelled out money for the offering suffered financial losses estimated at 100 million baht.

The Office of the Consumer Protection Board has received a considerable number of complaints from victims claiming that they were fraudulently sold the vouchers. The sale seemed strange, according to the general secretary of the council, Prateep Charoengulpa.

“Offering a promotion with a discount from 499 baht to 199 baht to boost sales of the e-voucher, which is normally sold 5-10 per order, is very suspicious from the start. It looks like a scam from the start.

Electronic vouchers used in place of paper vouchers facilitate the destruction of any fraudulent evidence that could be used against the owner.

Last month, the owner of Daruma Sushi told his franchisees in a LINE group chat that he was struggling to secure salmon supplies, then lost communication with everyone in the group.

THE SOURCE: Bangkok Post